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Finding the Right Words

Creating a LinkedIn profile can be a little intimidating and finding the right words to do so, is a challenge for most people.

Your headline to describe yourself is very important. We recommend using at least three specialties or qualities to help describe who you are. Share who you are, not just what you do! Your summary and experience paragraphs are also very important to use the right words to help describe your key positive characteristics. Using the right words to describe yourself will be helpful for others to find you on LinkedIn, if they are searching for particular characteristics or vocations.

Tips for finding the right words

Create three lists of keywords to give you the foundation for writing your LinkedIn profile.

1. Who are you, from your perspective?  Create a list of at least 10 or 20 words that describe your personality and what you do. (creative, introverted, out-going, determined, humble, experienced, your job title, etc) Please don't be shy with this list, as it's only for you to help write your profile.

2. Who are you, from the perspective of others? You'll need some help from a colleague, friend or partner for this. Ask them to write a list of words that they would use to describe you. (helpful, artistic, innovative, team player, leader, etc) This list will be helpful for you to know how others view you.

3. What are your goals and aspirations? It's very important for you to know how you see yourself evolving and using your LinkedIn profile. Some people use LinkedIn to find a new place of employment, yet others use it to climb within the organization they work at. We also find more and more people are using LinkedIn to help them be better known and understood, within their overall network.

Remember that your LinkedIn profile isn't an online resume, it's more of a marketing opportunity to help others understand who and what you are. Have fun telling your personal brand story!