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Just Bartee Photography

Johns Creek - Atlanta, Georgia

I have a passion for capturing your image, so your friends will say "YES, that is YOU"

I am a lifelong photographer. In my new life as a professional, I have found my passion with people. I love meeting new people and listening to their stories. I love capturing that look in their eyes that is so personal.  So when I have the opportunity to help them build an image we talk - a lot. As you talk, I take pictures, lots of pictures! In those pictures are YOU!

As you are signing up on sites like LinkedIn, the profile includes a picture of you. Now what? A headshot photo session. From that photo session and our relationship might also come a photo that defines your Personal Brand.  And from that might come your spouse’s favorite picture of YOU.

Please contact me so we can talk. I can answer all those questions you might have. What to wear? What style of headshots? What about hair and makeup? When can we schedule? Can you do this in my office? Do you know of any great locations near me? All questions have answers. Lets Talk!


Bartee Lamar

(770) 642-6544