Preparing for Your LinkedIn Profile Shoot

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Preparing for Your Profile Shoot

Getting ready and being prepared for your LinkedIn Profile shoot will help you be happier with the results from your photography session and to enjoy the process. That said, it can be feel a little overwhelming to know how to prepare yourself. So many questions. "What to wear? Do I need a special make-up? Should I get my hair cut or styled?" We believe the right preparation and a positive mindset can really make a difference when you show up for your portrait shoot. How you present yourself will help you better present your personal brand story!

Tips for preparing for your LinkedIn Profile shoot

1. A positive and a calm mindset is the number one thing you can have to help prepare for your LinkedIn photography session. Try and get a good night's sleep the evening before and bring a positive attitude to the shoot.

2. Choosing the right clothing style to help tell your personal brand story is very important. Also asking yourself what are your goals you want to achieve with your profile, will also help you decide what to wear. Wear clothing that you would wear to an important but casual meeting is often helpful to show one's friendly professionalism.

3. Wearing a darker suit jacket for men and women often gives a more stable base for the head to rest on and it'll always look professional. If your style is more 'creative or casual' then a colored  jacket, shirt or blouse can look great as well. Always ask yourself, "what story am I trying to tell?".

4. For men, wearing a tie is personal choice and can also help to tell your story. But if you're not wearing a tie, then a jacket is helpful to show your professionalism, while still looking friendly and more casual. We strongly recommend wearing a shirt that fits well and is wrinkle free.

5. For women, wearing color and patterns can really help express style and personality. That said, you should be careful to not have the clothing style overwhelm or date the your portrait. Also consider choosing clothing that isn't too seasonal, so that your profile portrait looks great all year long.

6. Accessories are great additions to your photograph, but again, it's important that they don't distract from your portrait. Glasses and jewelry are quick ways to show personality and really are personal choice. If people know you best with glasses, it's likely a good idea to wear them in your portrait. Jewelry is a great supportive accessory to compliment your outfit. You may even have personal reasons for wearing specific jewelry which may also help you feel more comfortable being photographed.

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