Selecting A Photographer

Selecting the right photographer for your LinkedIn Profile Portrait, goes way beyond imagery. The relationship between photographer and portrait subject is very important and is all about trust. Really great portrait photographers bring a fine balance of creative confidence, curiosity and respectful humility to a shoot. We believe this combination helps to disarm and calm a subject, allowing the portrait and personal brand story to be more easily captured.

Tips for selecting a headshot photographer for your LinkedIn profile

1. A good corporate portrait photographer should have a website with a variety of examples of their portrait work displayed. In larger cities, you will be able to find photographers who specialize in corporate portrait or head shot photography, but smaller markets may only have photographers who shoot a wide variety of work. Make sure your photographer has experience photographing LinkedIn portraits.

2. Do your best to meet in person or speak to your photographer on the phone. This will help you get a sense of their personality and manner. Email, text or direct message are great ways to make initial connections, but making sure you're a right fit will help with the success of the shoot.

3. Ask your photographer for suggestions for the shoot. Ask about location vs studio, clothing suggestions and the overall photo approach. This will give you a sense of their experience and overall helpfulness. Also listen to their questions. A curious photographer is also often a creative one.

4. Don't select your photographer solely on price. A good experienced photographer will likely not be the least expensive choice. Try and research what LinkedIn portraits cost in your region, this will help you make an educated decision. A good LinkedIn portrait is an investment and should be seen as an asset to help you present your personal brand story.

5. Ask your photographer what their photographic style is and/or what do they love to shoot. LinkedIn portraits should capture a natural authenticity and not all photographers shoot with this style. Make sure their style matches your needs!


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