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What's Your Story?

Every photograph tells a story and a well considered LinkedIn profile portrait can definitely help tell your personal brand story. Your clothing shares your professional personality, including the style and colors that you choose. The environment you are photographed in also adds subtle or sometimes very obvious context to what you do professionally and/or personally. Your story is always in the details!

Tips to help tell your personal brand story

1. Work with your photographer to determine if studio or location is best to help highlight who you are and what you do professionally. If you choose location, make sure the location doesn't overwhelm your portrait, so that you are still the main and obvious focus.

2. Select clothing that helps to tell your professional story. You should feel comfortable, but also proud of what you're wearing. Consider wearing something that you'd wear to an important yet casual meeting.

3. Your over-all style is important when considering clothing, accessories and background. Are you formal, casual or creative - or a combination?

4. The details matter greatly when adding accessories to your wardrobe for your LinkedIn portrait. If you're a man, should you wear a jacket and tie, or no tie? Either way, tells a different story. Also the color or pattern of the tie may also paint a different story. With women, accessories are very important. Jewelry should compliment but never over power. It's always a great idea to bring a selection of accessories to the shoot, so you and your photographer can choose.

5. An underestimated element when presenting your brand story is mindset. The positive attitude and philosophy you bring to the shoot will help your photographer capture you better.

6. The last tip, which is critical, is selecting a photographer who you can trust and connect with. They will help you feel the confidence during the shoot, to help put your story and personality forward!

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