the (not so) fine print

The linkedinPortraits project ( is a passionate and transparent web and social media project, created by RuivoBrown Inc., a Canadian incorporated company. Our paramount focus, is to help LinkedIn users better tell their personal brand story with the help of creative and talented portrait photographers.

We love LinkedIn and the amazing potential it holds for everyone who uses it, but our linkedinPortraits project isn't in anyway related legally or in any other way to the LinkedIn Corporation. It's an independent project, created to help LinkedIn users connect with great photographers, so they can use the LinkedIn platform to its fullest.

It is to our fullest awareness that each photographer owns the copyright to the photography that they are presenting as their own. We are not responsible for any transactions or interactions between any users and any of the photographers listed on this website. We are not endorsing any of the photographers listed, only presenting and suggesting their work.

All ideas and best practices displayed on the linkedinPortraits website are only suggestions, to help create useful LinkedIn profiles.


We (the linkedinPortraits project and/or RuivoBrown Inc.) respect the privacy and understand the importance of protecting all of our visitors and users' personal information. Information you give us: Your name, e-mail address, phone number, address, social media profile names and other information that you provide to us on our site (e.g. when making purchases or subscriptions (in the case of photographers), subscribing to our marketing material, reporting a problem to us, sending us correspondence, or any details you provide when engaging with us through either or website or by other forms of verbal, written and electronic communication).

Sometimes we may suggest a visitor to fill a contact form to help us connect the user with a photographer, or to see if a photographer fits our criteria to be included in our network, but we will never share that information with any third-party individuals or organizations.

We also want to inform all users of our website that cookies are used to receive acknowledgement of visitors. Analytics cookies determine unique visitors, which we need to provide accurate site traffic data.

By continuing to visit (our website) you are accepting and consenting to the practices described in this policy.

information for photographers

As a photographer who has been accepted to be a part of the linkedinPortraits network. we are very grateful and proud to present your photographs and studio information on this website. We will also be sharing your imagery on the various linkedinPortraits social media accounts, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. In all cases we'll be using each photographer's imagery to help bring awareness and inquiries to each photographer. All photography on the linkedinPortraits website is considered to be copyrighted by each individual photographer.

Our photographer's subscription fee may change without notice, but we will always honour the fee amount and time frame structure agreed upon in each photographer's agreement.